Dear You, Pretty Things designer Kirsten Harris
Dear You designer Kirsten Harris.
Dear You is a collection of pretty things from a pretty place: Designed and assembled by Kirsten Harris in Vancouver, Canada

I've been hooked on jewelry since I was a little girl. 

I remember my mom had a pair of rhinestone earrings I would sneak into her room just to marvel at their sparkle. I did everything I could to acquire a trinket chest chock full of my very own pony beads and glitzy baubles. 

My adoration of all things jewellry-related reached new heights when I landed a job at an upscale boutique specializing in unique costume pieces in Vancouver. 

My time there reaffirmed my appreciation for the the way an eye-catching accessory could pull together
an outfit -- giving it that finishing touch. 

My world was opened up to semiprecious -- and Dear You was born. From then on, my philosophy has been that costume jewellery doesn't necessarily mean plastic and base metals. 

I strive to design and create beautiful, classic pieces made from unique, high-quality materials at reasonable price points. 

Wear your Dear You pieces alone -- or layer them to create that perfect personalized look. 


Dear You, Pretty Things designer Kirsten Harris